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ANNIE plus Measurements and Numbers (annotation service)

Upload your documents and run our pre-packaged named entity annotator with the Numbers and Measurements add-ons
(plus GBP1.75 per hour)

Run ANNIE named entity annotation with the Numbers and Measurements add-on, on the GATE Cloud

Annotate your documents on our servers using ANNIE plus the Numbers and Measurements add-ons.


  • 2GB RAM per execution thread (on average)
  • use the mature ANNIE named entity recogniser
    • producing the typical ANNIE annotations, such as Person, Location, Organization, Date, Money, Address, etc.
  • also includes the Numbers add-on
    • produces Number annotations with normalised values
  • also includes the Measurements add-on
    • produces Measurement annotations for scalar and interval measurements, covering hundreds of measurement units. Each measurement is annotated with a normalised value and unit.
  • bring your own documents as .zip or .arc archives
  • process any document format that GATE supports, including .txt, .html, .xml, .pdf.
  • mix and match output formats, including GATE XML, inline XML, XCES
  • send annotated documents directly to your Mímir server for indexing

Usage is charged by the hour.