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  • We are currently looking for beta testers for the next generation of the GATE Cloud platform
  • If you are interested, contact us for more details


  • high volume
  • research or non-profit use
  • to apply create an account and send us your details
Annotation Job - Custom

Execute your own pipeline on the GATE cloud.

(plus GBP0.99 per hour)
ANNIE (Named entity annotation service)

Upload your own documents and run our pre-packaged named entity annotator (ANNIE) on GATE Cloud

(plus GBP1.49 per hour)
ANNIE plus Measurements and Numbers (annotation service)

Upload your documents and run our pre-packaged named entity annotator with the Numbers and Measurements add-ons

(plus GBP1.75 per hour)
GATE Mímir 5.1 Server

Multiparadigm indexing server

GBP99.00 GBP0.00
(plus GBP0.99 per hour)
GATE Teamware 1.4 Server (Enterprise)

Web-based collaborative corpus and document annotation tool

GBP349.99 GBP99.99
(plus GBP1.49 per hour)